Road Cycling

That cool beer or tea & cake on your return

The exhilaration of a series of perfectly carved downhill switchbacks, carrying maximum speed into the upcoming rise; the sense of achievement of reaching the top of long climb up to a mountain pass; or simply the pleasure of admiring how the evening sunlight begins to reveal the real shape of the mountains, all the while looking forward to that cool beer or tea & cake on your return.

Empty Roads

Nestled in the quiet Tremp basin in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Red Rock Trails is the perfect base for getting away from traffic, exploring the idyllic empty roads surrounding our local lakes, venture into the surrounding valleys, or test your lungs and legs attempting to get a KOM on one of the nearby HC climbs, all the while enjoying dry, sunny weather pretty much all year round!

We love being able to ride without the traffic and crowds of other popular cycling hotspots, most days we’ll have the roads pretty much to ourselves – so we can concentrate on the stunning mountain scenery, and on the road ahead when it starts pointing downhill…