MTB – Mountain Biking

Mountain biking for everyone

We believe that everyone should love their riding experience here at Red Rock Trails, whether they want to enjoy the scenery at a leisurely pace, are looking to improve their trail skills, or want to spend all day on the steepest singletrack.

Sandstone slickrock

Tremp’s wide basin allows us to offer a wide range of trails, from gentle rides along the river or around the lake to singletrack descents dropping the best part of 1000m. The area is recognised for its varied geology, we get trails with forest switchbacks, sandstone slickrock and Badlands ridgelines, sometimes all in the same ride.

As we generally have sunny weather, the trails don’t have to be heavily armoured, and so are smoother and more flowing than they might be otherwise. There are plenty of rock gardens for those that want them, though! 

Dedicated local riders

In addition to the historical trail network, a small group of dedicated local riders have formed a trailbuilding crew. They have been recovering lost paths and constructing purpose-built trails, to create the Pallars Bike Trails area, now with over 300km of singletrack and counting! Each summer, the newest trails are showcased at the GeoBike Race.

Qualified and insured mtb guide

Chris is a qualified and insured mtb guide under the Spanish system, and spends the off-season helping to train the next generation of local mtb guides, as well as working on trail building and maintenance.

His aim is always to ensure that everyone, from the most experienced riders to guests who just want to give it a go, have the best time possible.

We have a range of kids’ mtbs and adult all-terrain bikes available for the free use of our guests. If you’re coming to ride the more advanced terrain, we recommend that you bring your own mtb, or we can arrange hire locally.